Join us for our Rum Tasting & Food Pairing Event here at Palmettos on the Bayou! This six course dinner will feature a specially blended Rum Cocktail for each of the featured menu items. Seating is limited, so reserve your table today!

Date:Thursday, September 14, 2017
Address:Palmettos on the Bayou
1901 Bayou Lane, Slidell

Course 1

Hog’s Head Cheese oyster char-smoked on pecan embers

Paired with: Banana Knock Knock

Course 2

Cedar Board: roasted tomato-smoked fish mousse, garlic confit-parmesan fried grits, pickled shrimp, cured tuna loin, ghost chili caviar

Paired with: Recaito Maria Cooler

Course 3

Yaka Mein: Fresh stracci pasta, smoky ginger trotter jus, sous vide egg, sweet potato-pickled pork croquette, rapini

Paired with: Ancho Pineapple Sour

Course 4

Citrus & Chili Crusted Redfish: Jazzman risotto, yellow tomato court-bouillon butter, garlic chips, herb salad, shaken citrus vinaigrette

Paired with: Prohibition Punch

Course 5

Traditional barbacoa and dry-aged ribeye terrine seared on cast iron, tamale, molé, charred carrots, tomatillo mostarda, mustard blossoms

Paired with: King Creole

Course 6

Moon Pie: Foie gras marshmallow, pistachio graham cookie, foie chocolate & pistachio ganache icing, banana ice cream, baba rum cake crumble, brûléed bananas

Paired with: Café Leo

Dinner Tickets: $95 per person

$9.26 tax

$19.00- 20% Gratuity

$123.26 Total Cost